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About us

The Carrefour Dentaire 440 offers almost all dental care. Family dentistry, dental emergency, implant restaurations, orthodontics, Invisalign, extractions, restorations, whitening and more. Care is affordable for everyone. With our friendly team and our 2 dentists, Dr Farid Georges and Dr Elie Georges we can meet all your needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 450-934 1110





Our Philosophy

We are pleased to welcome you at the Carrefour Dentaire 440. A wide range of dental services is offered to you. Our dental team will help you identify your needs in order to properly take care of your dental health and make the right treatment choices. Our smiling and friendly staff always demonstrated professionalism, respect, gentleness and kindness. It is our commitment to provide quality services that meet your expectations. The oral health of each of our patients is at the heart of our concerns.

Prices equal to or lower than the fee guide of the Association of Dental Surgeons of Quebec. We accept almost all payment methods and also the dental insurance, social insurance and offer affordable payment plans. We understand the socio-economic situation of everyone.

Accessibility, we accept dental emergencies the same day, and offer hours of access to suit your pace. If you are unable to join us, simply call 1 877 242-4365 or visit Dental Emergency 24h for emergency care 24 hours on 24 and from Monday to Sunday inclusively.

After treatment follow-up, we call patients who have had major treatment (extractions, root canal treatment, grafts) to ensure that recovery is going well and to answer questions.