Exam and cleaning

Dental exam

The dental examination is an essential medical examination. Moreover it is the only way for your dentist to prevent oral problems, establish an accurate diagnosis and propose solutions when needed.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends a visit to the dentist every six months to check the health of your teeth and gums. Visit the following link for more information: “Review Dental ADC” : http://www.cda-adc.ca/_files/oral_health/talk/dentalexam.pdf

Teeth cleaning

The dental cleaning is an important part of your visit to the dentist. It not only helps your dentist to better see the problems, but also to prevent a large part of them by removing plaque and tartar which are most often their cause. Tartar is a hard deposit of various colors that accumulates on teeth over time. It cannot be removed by brushing and requires specialized dental equipment.

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