In recent years, invisible orthodontics has greatly increased in popularity, as supported by the proliferation of solutions of this type. Offered in dental clinics or on the internet, the different options allow you to obtain striking results in a short time. But are these promises real? And are all invisible orthodontic treatments the same, or is it better to choose an in-office solution? Those are the questions that the team of Carrefour Dentaire 440 in Laval is trying to clarify here.

What is invisible orthodontics?

This expression refers to orthodontic treatments carried out using transparent trays and not using brackets (braces). Called aligners, these aligners are removable and evolvable, meaning they need to be changed as treatment progresses. This is how the location of the teeth and the shape of the dental arch change. There are also several variants, sometimes offered online, sometimes in dental clinics, as is the case with Invisalign.

The particularities of in-clinic and online treatments

– In clinic: The treatment is carried out entirely under the supervision of a dentist specially trained for this purpose. Planning is done based on a detailed examination including several photos (x-rays, intraoral scans) taken in person.
– Online: Different options are offered. Their cost and duration are often lower. The treatment principle is the same as that of the options offered in clinics, but they are carried out entirely at home. Some of them require a limited number of in-person consultations. In other cases, planning and monitoring are done using simple photos.

Why prefer professional solutions?

Although their lower costs and apparent ease make invisible orthodontics options offered online attractive, you should be careful with this type of miracle solution. The care offered in a dental clinic is by far preferable. And this is for many reasons.

1. Results are more precise and longer lasting

Invisalign treatment is carried out according to a precise, fully supervised protocol. Before starting it, your dentist will first ensure that it is suitable for your situation. Once this has been established, he will determine, based on projections of the potential results produced by the Clincheck software based on 3D images of your mouth, the treatment parameters. This personalized planning thus makes it possible to achieve more precise effects. Especially since your dentist will monitor the progress of the changes, allowing him to adjust in real time. We will also ensure that the changes are lasting thanks to post-treatment monitoring and the prescription of retention. Online solutions do not necessarily offer such guarantees of results.

2. The treatment is supervised from A to Z

Unlike treatments offered on the internet, invisible orthodontics carried out in a dental clinic is fully supervised. The dentist is present and makes important decisions before treatment, during treatment and afterward. This is a guarantee of safety and results, since it is then possible to intervene in the event of a problem or to adjust the parameters to actual modifications.

3. It’s completely safe

Invisible orthodontics is a safe solution that gives excellent results. For this, good supervision is necessary. Planning must be based on strict and precise measurements, something that virtual options do not allow; simple photos cannot replace a professional assessment based on x-rays and scans.

It is precisely this type of support that the dentists at Carrefour Dentaire 440 in Laval offer. If you have questions about invisible orthodontics or are considering this type of treatment, request a consultation with our team. This will be an opportunity to answer your questions and discuss the many advantages of Invisalign!