Orthodontics (Invisalign)

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with the alignment of teeth and occlusion (the way the upper and lower teeth meet when the mouth is closed). Thanks to innovative or more traditional, but still effective, treatments, it is possible to straighten teeth, improve their alignment and position or realign the jaws. Whether for you or your children, request an orthodontic consultation with our team at Carrefour Dentaire 440, your dental clinic in Laval.

Why use orthodontics?

There are several reasons to resort to orthodontics. Of course, crooked, misaligned teeth and various malocclusions have consequences on the appearance of the smile. However, these orthodontic problems have other consequences on the health and functionality of the mouth. We are talking about increased risks of oral diseases, possible disorders of the temporomandibular joints (jaw pain), difficulty chewing and pronouncing certain sounds. This is why the use of orthodontic care is recommended when certain problems are present.

Different problems handled by our team

– Dental misalignment: teeth can be positioned at an abnormal angle (crooked teeth) or in the wrong place on the dental arch.
– Spaces: The gaps between certain teeth are sometimes too large and/or uneven.
– A crossbite: This means that the upper and lower teeth cross when the mouth is closed, which can lead to wear and chewing difficulties.
– Overlapping: Teeth overlap with their neighbors, making them difficult to clean, which encourages the accumulation of plaque and tartar.
– Various malocclusions: We are talking here about an open bite, an overbite (top teeth that are too far forward) or an underbite (bottom teeth that extend beyond those on the top). This type of malocclusion can cause several functional problems (difficult chewing and speaking, joint pain, etc.) and undue dental wear.

Orthodontics: for patients of all ages

It is sometimes wrongly believed that orthodontics is intended exclusively for children and adolescents. Of course, these periods are ideal for catching problems or correcting them before the teeth and jaws are fully developed. However, your Laval dentist can carry out orthodontic treatments on adult patients as well. The treatment principles are always the same, but their application and the options offered may differ depending on when they are undertaken:

– During childhood: From the age of 7, it is possible, even recommended, to carry out an orthodontic examination to check the mouth and teeth and identify potential alignment or occlusion problems. We can then begin interception treatment and/or plan the care to be carried out during adolescence.
– Adolescence: This is the perfect time for orthodontic treatment, since growth is sufficiently advanced, but the bone structures are not entirely fixed. It is then easier to move the teeth and modify the dental arch.
– Adult age: At this age, it is still possible to make orthodontic changes. If the defects are pronounced, the treatment may take a little longer. There are now treatment options well suited to the needs and habits of adults such as Invisalign and transparent braces. There are other solutions than traditional metal braces!

Several options available in clinic

At Carrefour Dentaire 440 in Laval (Chomedey sector), we offer different solutions to meet your needs and those of your child: Invisible orthodontics such as Invisalign transparent aligners, orthopedic appliances for children, braces. Do not hesitate to request a consultation and inquire about the devices available from our team. We will welcome you at our clinic and will be able to assess your situation or that of your child and suggest the orthodontic treatment that suits you!