Gum graft

If sensitivity due to receding gums is increasing too much you may need a root canal treatment. Similarly, advanced loosening, whether or not combined with gum disease, could further weaken the bone support around the tooth. If too compromised, it can render the tooth mobile and put it at risk of being lost.

Gingival grafts are indicated if the gums are thinned over the years or dental roots become exposed and sensitive. When the root is exposed, tooth become at risk of developing caries, discomfort in contact with hot or cold, and become unaesthetic.

Among the factors that predispose to gum recession

  • Gum that is in very thin originally
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Improper brushing technique
  • Involuntary teeth grinding or bruxism
  • Inadequate dental restorations
  • Gum disease, or periodontitis

For more information and find out if you can benefit from a gum transplant, please ask for advice at the Carrefour Dentaire 440 at (450) 934-1110.